American Dream

The American Dream describes the American society's myth which says that every individual can reach social advancement by using its own willpower (from rags to riches).

The expression came into being in the first half of the 20th century when the American's economy had its big boom. For a lot of immigrants the American dream was the incentive for a live in the united states.

The basic concept of the American dream is also a part of the American's explanation of independence. There is mentioned that the society can depose unjust rulers and create its own political system. This is the only way to ensure the human's fundamental right: The pursuit of happiness.

An exact definition of the American dream is not possible because the dream bases on the individual's wishes and dreams. But the various definitions have sometimes the same point of view regarding to some elements. It is possible to split up into individual and national values.

The main aspects an individual should be strive for are moral integrity, justice, honesty, hard work, economizing and endurance.

The national level should be concentrated on the social ordering, which makes it possible that every citizen can realize his full potential, independent of his social and ethical background.

Some critics see the American Dream as dead. Others are speaking about a American Nightmare. But a lot of people today are convinced that the American Dream is still alive.

A bigger problem which is caused of the American Dream is that the interpretation allows the point of view that every poverty is a result of the person's idleness. This supports the exclude of poorer groups in a society. That's also the reason for the very weak welfare system in the unites states.